Eat Smart

Learn to eat smart by following these great tips written by Melaleuca professionals.

New from Melaleuca: Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee & Specialty Drinks

What do you love about coffee? Maybe it’s the aroma. After all, coffee is instantly recognizable in just a breath—and yet each cup’s aroma can also be composed of many subtle nuances that make it unique. Perhaps you love how versatile coffee is, with different growing regions contributing their own sublime flavors, different roasting methods bringing out the best in each bean, and different methods of preparation—black, latte, espresso, flavored—creating many new, delicious experiences to discover. Is it coffee’s many benefits? After all, coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the North American diet. It can help boost your energy and focus in the morning, and also help you wind down after a […]

Weight Loss Success Starts With Eating Smart

The Simple Steps to Success plan combines a basic eating plan that researchers agree is conducive to healthy weight lose with proven Melaleuca products to support and enhance your efforts. Step 1 Eat Smaller Meals Go from 3 big meals a day to 3 smaller meals and 2 snacks. How does this help you lose weight? Eating 3 smaller meals and 2 substantial snacks has some big benefits that tie to weight loss. Eating this way can boost the rate at which you burn calories, make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients, and help stabilize your blood sugar levels over the course of the day. Thanks to those benefits, you’ll feel more […]

Matters of the Heart

The Wilsons were having a barbecue. Hickory smoke and the tang of spices filled the air. Renee Wilson sat in the backyard chatting with friends and enjoying one of the last bright days of summer. “We had just finished eating and suddenly my back started hurting,” Renee recalls. “I just couldn’t get comfortable.” Then Renee’s arm started hurting. “It was extremely painful,” Renee says. “I told my daughter, ‘I don’t feel good.’ And she said, ‘Mom you don’t look good. You’re turning grey.’” Concerned, Renee’s daughter took her to the hospital. Then came the shocking diagnosis: at just 49 years old, Renee was having a heart attack. “I was extremely surprised,” Renee says. “I had […]

Not firing on all cylinders? It could be a mineral deficiency

Everyone needs minerals and their diet. Minerals are inorganic ions, or metals, that the body depends on for life and health. The body cannot produce minerals, you can only get minerals through your diet. Although we require relatively small amounts every day, our health and well-being are vitally dependent on essential minerals. A mineral deficiency can cause any number of health problems. The chart below shows what minerals do–and how we suffer without them. If you are not feeling like yourself and can’t pinpoint why, try boosting your diet with mineral-rich foods and reach for the Vitality Pack®–powered by Oligo®. It contains all the minerals on the chart in research-recommended amounts for optimal health. And it […]

Improved Blood Sugar Metabolism, A Key To Weight Loss

GC Control really helps me control my appetite and feel satisfied. I have lost 25 pounds since i started the Vitality Weight Loss Challenge and I feel great! I love GC Control and will continue to use it. Thanks Melaleuca! -Kristi Nash Thousand Oaks, CA Great at snack time or with a sensible meal, GC Control is powerful blood sugar metabolism support disguised as a delicious shake. Inside is Melaleuca’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients developed to help optimize blood sugar metabolism and balance insulin levels–a key to healthy weight loss. In an independent study, GC Control’s ingredient blend was clinically shown to: Help support and balance blood glucose levels Promote healthy insulin repsonse Optimize […]

Move your body–boost your brain.

A study conducted at the University of British Columbia and published in the February 24, 2013 edition of The Journal of Aging Research, found that there was a direct correlation between exercise and memory. The study followed dozens of women ages 70-80 who suffer from mild cognitive impairment. Participants answered questions that tested spatial and verbal memory, then they were divided into three groups. One group regularly lifted weights, one group engaged in brisk walking, and the third group simply stretched. After 6 months, the stretching group scored worse on the memory tests, while the other two groups performed better. While both exercising groups improved on the spatial memory test (your remembrance of where things are […]

The Whole Story on Whole Grains

“Whole grain.” The term seems to be popping up everywhere from your breakfast cereal and bread to your favorite chocolate chip cookies. But what exactly does it mean, and why is it so good for you? It all starts with a closer look at the grain. Grain’s AnatomySome of the grains you’ve known and loved for years are “whole grains,” but you probably know them as wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, quinoa, sorghum, spelt, and rye.The fact is, all grains start out as “whole grains,” meaning they include all three parts of the grain: Bran—the outer layer Endosperm—the large inner portion Germ—the innermost “sprout” When grain is refined—often to produce a lighter, finer flour—the bran […]