Four Ways To Build Muscle

One pound of muscle burns three times as many calories as one pound of fat, so your metabolism takes a nosedive as muscle mass declines. YOUR OWN BODY WEIGHT Push-ups, plank, squats, lunges, sit-ups, yoga. Using your own body weight for resistance is a classic way to build muscle. Most exercises in this category use multiple muscle groups for a more complete workout. Plus, these exercises can be done anywhere. As you grow stronger and lose weight, these exercises will become easier so you’ll need to increase repetitions to keep them effective. RESISTANCE BANDS Leg lifts, arm raises, pelvic push. Resistance bands allow you to build muscle with a full range of motion, not just […]

Move your body–boost your brain.

A study conducted at the University of British Columbia and published in the February 24, 2013 edition of The Journal of Aging Research, found that there was a direct correlation between exercise and memory. The study followed dozens of women ages 70-80 who suffer from mild cognitive impairment. Participants answered questions that tested spatial and verbal memory, then they were divided into three groups. One group regularly lifted weights, one group engaged in brisk walking, and the third group simply stretched. After 6 months, the stretching group scored worse on the memory tests, while the other two groups performed better. While both exercising groups improved on the spatial memory test (your remembrance of where things are […]

Not Seeing Results? You’re Probably Skipping One of The Four Steps.

When it comes to getting in shape and being healthier, these four steps make it simple: Eat Smart, Get Active, Take Vitality, and Stay Accountable. If you’re trying your best and not seeing results, chances are you are leaving out the last step. We polled 107 readers to see their eating and exercising habits. Some of the results were surprising. There might not be a magic pill for permanent weight loss, but there is a simple step that will make you twice as likely to get the results you want from your diet and exercise regimen. A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine followed 1,685 weight loss seekers on their journey. The single […]

Are You As Fit As You Look?

Or do you just hide your fat well? If you’re relying only on your scale to tell you whether you’re healthy or not, you could be in for a shocking surprise. A recent Mayo Clinic study estimates that up to 30 million Americans have a condition known as NWO (normal weight obesity) or “skinny fat.” While skinny-fat people look trim and healthy on the outside, their body fat percentage, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure rival that of obese people and they are vulnerable to the same obesity-related risks. Remember that slender does not equal healthy. If you seem to be blessed with a perfect metabolism, take a closer look to make sure you are as […]

The Whole Story on Whole Grains

“Whole grain.” The term seems to be popping up everywhere from your breakfast cereal and bread to your favorite chocolate chip cookies. But what exactly does it mean, and why is it so good for you? It all starts with a closer look at the grain. Grain’s AnatomySome of the grains you’ve known and loved for years are “whole grains,” but you probably know them as wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, quinoa, sorghum, spelt, and rye.The fact is, all grains start out as “whole grains,” meaning they include all three parts of the grain: Bran—the outer layer Endosperm—the large inner portion Germ—the innermost “sprout” When grain is refined—often to produce a lighter, finer flour—the bran […]

The Importance of Activity

By now, you are probably aware that regular exercise—about three hours of aerobic activity per week—is an essential part of a weight loss program. However, if you hit the gym every day but spend the rest of your day at your desk, in the car, or on the couch, then you’re still not reaping the full benefits of an active lifestyle. Here are the Activity Pyramid recommendations for adding movement to your lifestyle: Every day: Find extra ways to be active—take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away, walk the dog, play with your kids, hide the remote control, etc. Three to five times per week: Accumulate a total of 30 minutes of […]