New from Melaleuca: Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee & Specialty Drinks

What do you love about coffee?

Maybe it’s the aroma. After all, coffee is instantly recognizable in just a breath—and yet each cup’s aroma can also be composed of many subtle nuances that make it unique.

Perhaps you love how versatile coffee is, with different growing regions contributing their own sublime flavors, different roasting methods bringing out the best in each bean, and different methods of preparation—black, latte, espresso, flavored—creating many new, delicious experiences to discover.

Is it coffee’s many benefits? After all, coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the North American diet. It can help boost your energy and focus in the morning, and also help you wind down after a hectic day.

Perhaps you love coffee simply because it’s part of so many perfect moments, those times when you get to sit down, relax, and enjoy life for a while.

With Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee, Melaleuca has brought out the best in all of those qualities. Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee is a full line of specialty, small-batch roasted coffees in a variety of blends, roasts, and flavors. Every cup is made for coffee lovers.

Only the best beans used
To bring you the perfect cup of coffee, we start with the world’s finest coffee beans. Mountain Cabin Coffee is made from 100% arabica beans sourced from the world’s choicest high-altitude coffee farms. Arabica beans are superior to other bean types, and are the only choice in the world’s finest coffees.

Scrupulously sourced

These beans are grown and harvested in unique growing locations, all found between the two tropics, in a band around the equator that’s often called the Coffee Belt.

The exact location of the small, specialty farms that grow our coffee is a treasured secret, guarded so 
that the Mountain Cabin experience can remain exclusive to Melaleuca customers.

These farms are found inside regions renowned for their distinct rainy and dry seasons, steady temperatures, and mineral-rich soil—conditions considered essential for superior coffee. Each farm is situated at nearly a mile above sea level as well. That’s the altitude at which the richest, most flavorful coffees are grown and harvested.

Meticulously selected, 
masterfully roasted
A premium blend demands uncommon attention from farm to roastery. To ensure the flavor and integrity of every cup, we meticulously monitor quality 
at every step.

We hand-select our arabica beans with masterful precision, then 
small-batch roast them from light and floral to dark and complex, according to the specific variety of bean. At various stages, our master cuppers test the coffee for superior flavor, body, and aroma. It’s a difference you can taste in your 
very first sip.

Fair farming practices
Melaleuca also believes coffee—just like other high-demand products—should never be produced at the expense of anyone’s well being. To make Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee, we only source from farmers who meet our strict requirements for quality and fairness. Farm workers must be fairly compensated for their labor and expertise. And farm practices must be environmentally sustainable.

Ground and packaged for
maximum freshness and flavor
Once each bean is roasted to bring out the deep, sophisticated orchestra of flavors, we use water-cooled roller mill grinders to achieve the perfect grind without heating or re-roasting the beans—preserving their distinctive aroma and flavor.
The coffee is then packaged within minutes using our quick-seal bagging technique that preserves freshness by minimizing oxygen 
and maximizing flavor.

It all adds up to a coffee experience capable of taking you to your very own mountain cabin. All you have to do is brew a cup.

Introducing seven gourmet varieties

Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee is available in seven gourmet varieties: our Organic Signature and Organic Rainforest blends, our rich and exotic Kona blend, our 100% Colombian Decaf, our flavored Hazelnut and Hazelnut Decaf blends, and our decadent Mountain Cabin Vanilla blend.

Convenient single-serve cups

When a single mug is in order, a selection of Mountain Cabin blends is available in single-serve cups compatible with most single-cup brewers—including Keurig® 2.0. You can enjoy your favorite Mountain Cabin blend by the pot or by the cup—it’s up to you. It all amounts to a coffee experience unlike any other: an experience you’ll want 
to share with those you care about most.

Enjoy three specialty drinks

Melaleuca is also proud to introduce Mountain Cabin Specialty Drinks. Caramel Apple Cider, Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa, and Luxe Vanilla Cappuccino. These drinks are distinctive and delicious, with rich flavors and aromas to make ordinary moments extraordinary. Each drink brews up from convenient single-serve cups and will take you to that mountain cabin in your mind again and again.