Improved Blood Sugar Metabolism, A Key To Weight Loss

GC Control really helps me control my appetite and feel satisfied. I have lost 25 pounds since i started the Vitality Weight Loss Challenge and I feel great! I love GC Control and will continue to use it. Thanks Melaleuca!

-Kristi Nash
Thousand Oaks, CA


Great at snack time or with a sensible meal, GC Control is powerful blood sugar metabolism support disguised as a delicious shake. Inside is Melaleuca’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients developed to help optimize blood sugar metabolism and balance insulin levels–a key to healthy weight loss.

In an independent study, GC Control’s ingredient blend was clinically shown to:

  • Help support and balance blood glucose levels
  • Promote healthy insulin repsonse
  • Optimize blood sugar metabolism

When you’re in fat storage mode,
it’s hard to lose weight.

What puts you into fat storage mode? Too much insulin. When your blood sugar levels spike, your body releases insulin–its primary fat storage hormone–which slows fat burning, increases fat storage, and prevents your body from breaking down that fat.

How to keep your body
in fat reduction mode.

When you can keep your insulin levels healthy and balanced–and your blood sugar metabolism optimized–your body stays in fat reduction mode, using fat instead of storing it.

When you eat too many simple or refined carbs, your blood sugar spikes. Your body releases insulin into the system, helping to put you in fat storage mode.


The dump of insulin results in a reduction in blood sugar that creates feelings of fatigue, hunger pangs, and strong cravings for sweets–and the vicious cycle begins all over again.